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Minister Naledi Pandor set to discuss ICJ case with community of Lenasia

Sameera Casmod |
06 March 2024 | 08:53 a.m. SAST
1 minute read

Image: Foreign Policy

A community meeting will be held to discuss South Africa’s genocide case against Israel. The meeting will take place at the Baitun Noor Centre this evening at 7 o’clock and will give updates on the progress of the ICJ case.

Nazim Adam, representing the Palestine Solidarity Alliance, spoke to Radio Islam International about the organisation’s role in arranging the meeting to acknowledge the Department of International Affairs’ efforts in standing in solidarity with Palestine, particularly regarding the ICJ case.

Adam commends the pursuit of the case by South Africa and expresses disappointment in Israel’s lack of adherence to international law.

“We all have become very disillusioned with international bodies like the UN, especially with the Americans vetoing everything. So, on the ICJ, there wasn’t this expectation. But they pursued and they did a fantastic case… We also knew and understood that Israel was never going to adhere to this. They exist and continue to do their gross acts of human rights abuse, war crimes and genocide with impunity and ignore all kinds of international justice and regulations,” Adam says.

The meeting includes representation from various local community organisations such as the Jamiatul Ulama, the Sunni Ulama Council, Radio Islam International, and the Community Police Forum (CPF), among others.

The meeting will focus on future directions of international solidarity work and South Africa’s international relations. The floor will be open for questions and answers, allowing attendees to raise pertinent issues and engage in constructive dialogue.

The program will consist of two parts: an initial session focusing on messages of support and opening remarks, followed by a panel discussion featuring Premier Penyaza Lesufi, Minister Naledi Pandor, and representatives from the Solidarity Movement.

The event is open to all residents of Lenasia and surrounding areas.

Listen to the full interview on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat.


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