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ML Ebrahim Bham reponds to Mufti A K Hoosein’s recent statements

In his weekly Q & A program, the resident Mufti of Cii Mufti A K Hoosen last week made comments with regards to the Jamiatul Ulama and Moulana Ebrahim Bham following which ML Bham requested a right of reply from the management of Cii.

Moulana Bham started off by stating that he has not come on to justify or to appease anyone as everyone is ultimately accountable to Allah, however he has come on to clarify certain confusions that has resulted from the Q & A

Whilst responding to the statements of Mufti A K Hoosen Moulana Bham clarified some of the points of contention

Khatrada Funeral
ML Bham stated that the decision of late Kathrada’s funeral and burial was made by the Kathrada foundation and the Provincial government. The Jamiat did not take that decision.

ML Bham went on to explain other matters that were also raised on the Q & A program by Mufti A K Hoosen

The marriage conference
The attendance of the deputy president of the country at the Lenasia Eidgah

Listen to the full program below



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