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Musa AS and the Magicians

Musa AS and the Magicians

Having witnessed what Musa AS had performed before his eyes, (by the power of Allah), Firaun's amazement turned to terror. Fearing that his rule was in danger, he addressed his advisors: 'These are two wizards who will strip you of your best traditions and drive you...

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  1. Moosa

    Asalamualykum Molana, wanted to ask a question regarding business. Myself and my partner opened a. Pizza store in June and still running today. My partner invested R300K IN the business. I invested nothing, but I closed my old pizza. Shop and opened the new one under my old shop name. I am the one working everyday. Partner not working at all in the shop. First was promised to take a salary, then changed to profits., to take from. The shop. First month manage to take 10 k, after that taking profits in 2 payments,whixh was dropped from 10k to 7k.Business not doing well at. The moment, Partner wants me to take my name and recipes and reopen my old pizza shop.Partner wants to either sell the business and recover his. Investment or wants to reopen under a new name without me. Question… Do I get anything from the business, myself working for 6 months. My time giving to business, my petrol. Jzk.