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Motorists warned of renewed incidents of spikes being placed on the N12 highway west near Lenasia


2 min read | 13:50 pm CAT

Hijackers are at it again, with the Gauteng traffic police warning motorists of renewed incidents on the N12 west near Lenasia. There have been several reports of incidents since Friday where criminals put spikes across the road, leading to a punctured tyre which forces motorists to stop. There has also been an increase in other crimes in the area.

The incidents, including spikes across the road, rock throwing, and rock placing on the N12 between Eldorado Park and Lenasia, have been on the rise since late September.

In an interview with Radio Islam International, Chief Provincial Inspector Obed Sibasa warned that criminals are gradually moving to other areas. However, there have been several arrests of the perpetrators.

The danger has resurfaced, discovered in the last incident that occurred on Friday, spikes were placed on the road. The modus operandi of one or more accomplice hide under the bridge or in the nearby bush in wait for motorists to stop to examine the damage. The perpetrator then approaches and robs the motorist.

“We appeal to motorists who are a victim, do not stop. Free wheel your motor vehicle to a place of safety whilst calling for assistance,” he says.

He further discourages motorists from parking on the sides of the highway as they are also targeted.

SAPS has received detailed information, and Inspector Sibasa further advised that the informal settlements close to the N12 road are being monitored, mainly the settlement next to Avalon cemetery.

Meanwhile, with the festive season approaching, criminals are active and dangerous.

“A long with the deployment of the Special Law Enforcement Unit, a joint operation with SAPS, Gauteng Transit and Johannesburg Metro will place undercover officers to combat these challenges,” he says.

Listen below to the interview with Aanisah Essack and Chief Provincial Inspector Obed Sibasa on Radio Islam’s podcast. 


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