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Murat Sofuoglu: Russia invades Ukraine – all the talking points on Putin making the first move

By Zahid Jadwat
As the situation in the former Soviet nation of Ukraine deteriorates, Russian troops are advancing towards the capital Kyiv. Experts suggest Russia plans to overthrow President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government and replace it with one favourable to Moscow.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Islam, a researcher at TRT World, Murat Sofuoğlu, said the Russian army is applying pressure on the Ukrainian military and could soon grip the capital.

He also warned that Russia’s advances in the coastal cities of Mariupol and Odessa threaten to block Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea.

“If the war goes like this, the Russians will capture Kyiv because they’re so close to the capital. If they
capture Mariupol and Odessa; they’re pretty much going to cut Ukrainian access to the Black Sea which
is crucial for the country’s imports and exports.”

The Ukraine economy would be severely impacted if the country’s access to the Black Sea is blocked. As
much as 70% of Ukraine’s exports and imports go by sea, and the Odessa region’s ports handle three
quarters of that.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began in the early hours of Thursday morning, explosions have been heard
in major cities as air, sea and land attacks were launched. Officials say 137 civilians and military
personnel have been killed so far.

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