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Namola safety app modified to accommodate each extension individually

By Neelam Rahim

South Africans, including Lenasians, are exposed to many dangers from crime to hijacking, road accidents, fire, vehicle breakdown etc. a few years ago, there was a conversation around an app that has been launched, the Namola app. There have been some development and upgrades to the app.

Joining the discussion with Radio Islam International is activist Altaaf Khan sharing the app’s development.

According to Altaaf, the restructuring includes separating each extension for the security to be amended, making accessing the emergency services required easier.

He says the use of the app has been phenomenal as it has assisted people in many ways. There is an immediate call back from the call centre, followed by assistance. Most times, if there are no local responders, there are government responders who assist. In turn, people have been benefitting.

The Namola app is free. Even if an individual requests assistance, there is a call back for that, free of charge. Your call or emergency will then be directed to the relevant persons.

Although private responders may charge a fee for government response like the ambulance, SAPS, or fire department, there is no charge.

Altaaf mentions that he has been running the app for one year in the Ennerdale, Lenasia South and Eldorado Park areas.

The app has been modified so that each area can look after their extension and service its community in that area. It also includes insight into the person requesting assistance and the nature of the incident, which assists in receiving help timeously.

Listen to the full interview on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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