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Nigerian Unions Protest Over 6 Month University Closures

Jul 28, 2022

Umamah Bakharia

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) are embarking on a two-day protest on Tuesday to demonstrate against a six-month shutdown of public universities across the country due to pay disagreements between the government and teachers.

Speaking to Radio Islam International, labor leader, Abiodun Aremu says it has been an ongoing issue where government has not reached an agreement with university lecturers.

“It is the government responsibility from 1978 to fund public education,” says Aremu. He adds that an agreement signed in 2009 states that government should be committed to release funds to fund the basis of the agreement.



Protestors are condemning the prolonged closure of the universities, blaming the development on the failure of the government.

According to Aremu, the agreement between government and universities that was signed in 2009, “is based essentially on the infrastructural developments and facilities in terms of commitment to public education.”

Nigerian analyst say government is undermining public education.


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