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No Danger as Asteroid as Large Empire State Building to Pass by Earth on Saturday

Jun 06, 2020


Faizel Patel – 06/06/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Pic: The Verge

NASA says an asteroid that may be as large as the Empire State Building will safely pass by the Earth with no immediate danger the planet.

The space agency says Asteroid 2002 NN4 will pass the Earth at a distance of approximately 5.1 million kilometers, about 13 times further away from the Earth than the Moon is.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the Asteroid is estimated to be 250-570 meters in diameter.

Nasa says there is no danger the asteroid will hit the Earth.

Information about the asteroid is listed on NASA’s Center for Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) website, which monitors close approaches to Earth.

According to the data, several other objects are expected to fly through space near Earth this week.


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