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Noble Qualities of the Final Prophet ﷺ – His Special Virtues – Part 2 of 2

Mohammed Bilal, 2015.03.13


In this amazing series, Ml Dawood Seedat brings alive the beautiful and extraordinary qualities of our master and leader, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this podcast, Moulana mentioned certain special virtues which Muhammad ﷺ enjoys above the other Prophets of Allah ﷻ.


Some of these virtues mentioned by Moulana Dawood were:
Allah Almighty chose for His most beloved, ﷺ, a pristine and noble lineage.


`Ana Sayyidu Wul Di Adam – I will be the Leader of the entire progeny of Prophet Adam `Alayhi Salaam.’(Hadith)
Every other Prophet will be present on that Day, but he ﷺ will be the Sayyid, the Leader.


`Wa Owalu Mayin Shaqu AnhuI Qabr – I’m the first person whose grave will be opened up.’(Hadith)

When the Trumpet will sound the second time, at the Command of our Lord, every human that ever existed will rise from their graves.


`Wa Owalu Shaafi`in Wa Owalu Mushafi`in – I’ll be the first person to intercede (on Judgement Day) and I will be the first person whose intercession will be accepted.’(Hadith)


`Ana Aktharul Ambiyaee Taba’An Youmul Qiyamah – From All the Prophets, I will have the largest following.’(Hadith)

The Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ will, on that Day, be the largest.


`Wa Ana Owalu Mayyik Ra`u Bathal Jannah – I will be the first person to knock on the door of Jannah.’(Hadith)

Moulana described the occasion, which is mentioned in a Hadith, when Rasulullah ﷺ will knock on the door of Paradise and the dialogue which will occur with the doorkeeper of Paradise. Before that, no person will be allowed to enter Paradise until the beloved of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ enters.


Another special virtue that Allah Almighty afforded Muhammad ﷺ was that he was sent not just to the Arabs, but as a guide to the entire mankind.


This is part 2 of 2…



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