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Nutrition and Your Health

Nutrition and Your Health

Proper nutrition is important for many reasons, but most people still make excuses.

· I don’t have time.
· I can’t afford it.
· I don’t know how.

If you ignore basic nutrition, you’re only getting in the way of your own health and happiness.

The value of nutrition and how it affects your health extends beyond calorie counting and weight management.

Nutrition effects your physical and mental wellness, and following a healthy diet can lead to positive changes in your everyday life.

Your Energy Level

A more nutrient-rich diet means more fuel for you to power through your workday, your workout, and all those chores you need to do. You know, the ones you usually put off because you’re just too worn out from the day (e.g. laundry).

If you use the “no time” excuse to avoid worrying about nutrition, this may actually be your solution. More nutritious meals give you more energy, which is just what you need to power through your daily tasks efficiently. You might even end up with enough free time to prepare more nutritious meals for tomorrow.

Want to maximize your energy level? Eat smaller meals more frequently, incorporate all the food groups and drink plenty of water.

Your Weight

Taking control of your weight is easier than you think. You just need to pay attention to nutrition facts and make strategic choices about what you consume.

As we touched on above, better nutrition also fosters more energy, so you’ll be able to make it through your workout without crashing. On top of helping, you stick with your workout plan, good nutrition means your body is getting everything it needs. This can help you avoid cravings and binges that threaten your fitness and weight loss goals.

Your Brain Function

Ever heard the phrase “brain food?” Turns out it’s not just a ploy to get young children to eat their vegetables. Nutrient-rich foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados contain brain power-boosting Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Other foods to incorporate into your diet for maximum mental capacity include:

· blueberries – they may improve short term memory

· pumpkin seeds – they enhance memory and critical thinking skills

· broccoli – it enhances cognitive function

When you switch up your menu to pump up your brain function, you can get more out of your workday, pay better attention in class, or maybe just read a book at the end of the day.

Your Immune System

In addition to fighting off disease, a well-balanced, nutritious diet can keep common illnesses at bay. Your immune system requires vitamins and minerals obtained in your daily diet to stay functioning at its highest level.

The following vitamins and minerals may contribute to a stronger immune system:

· Vitamin A
· Vitamin B2
· Vitamin B6
· Vitamin C
· Vitamin D
· Vitamin E
· Zinc
· Selenium






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