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Ode to Corona

Jun 26, 2020


Faheema Ayob –  Radio Islam Listener 

Photo: Boulder Weekly

Ode to Corona
You have brought the whole world to its knees🌍
Humankind have lost their sense of peace
Sent down by a power even greater then you
To teach us a lesson or two
We realise upon reflection, 🤔
That Our existence depends on interaction🤝
That no matter who we are or what we do, 👷‍♀️👮‍♂️
All Our lives have halted because of you
A powerful existence yet so microscopic🔬
Your occurrence has been Epic 💥
Within a tiny little droplet, you are nestled💦
Wreaking havoc wherever you have settled
Carelessly we go about, then upon us you sneak
Mockingly you look down on us, as you reach your peak📈
Affecting each one differently 🤒🥵
While characters change Uniquely
You are fearless
Rendering us, restless😳
You said Stop, Listen n Protect 😷
But instead we Move, Ignore and React
Mankind has loved and lost😭
Even then, did our hearts become soft?
Have we realised that upon a greater being we are dependent
Or have we lost our minds and become despondent 😔
Fear, doubt and  panic in number are rising
While empathy love and compassion are dying
Let us bow down our heads n pray🤲
For prosperity to come our way
Through distance we have to be apart🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
But together we can be in our hearts💜



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