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Only 31% of South Africans feel safe in the country they call home

Hannah Omarjee |
30 May 2023 | 20:00 CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: Cape Town ETC

The latest crime statistics released by Police Minister Bheki Cele on 30 May 2023 paint a grim picture, with over 6,200 deaths reported from January to March of this year. According to the Automobile Association’s (AA) Quarter 4 State of Security Report, only 31% of South Africans feel safe in their own country. The AA’s Layton Beard spoke with Radio Islam International. Beard explained that their research aimed to go beyond mere numbers and delve into people’s perceptions of crime in South Africa and how it affects them.

The AA’s findings revealed that 76% of South Africans have been victims of crime, and 35% of people do not feel safe in their homes. Based on their research, the AA concludes that the government and the police services are failing the citizens of South Africa. Beard said, “At the end of the day, people don’t feel safe, and the government doesn’t seem to be doing anything to improve that situation.”

The AA conducted interviews with 1438 individuals from various demographics during its study.

According to Beard, “Statistically speaking, that’s a big sample, and it does give you an indication of exactly what people are feeling.”

Beard claims fear is not limited to a particular group but impacts all demographics.

Many victims report crimes to the police because it’s the right thing to do, for insurance purposes, or to ensure accurate statistics. However, many claim the experience of reporting a crime is often unpleasant, resulting in a loss of faith in the police service and a shift towards private security. The AA found that 80% of people trust or rely on private security more than they do the SAPS.

The AA researched to determine where South Africans should go to feel safe. Beard said, “Unfortunately, it’s not a pleasant thing to say, but as with many things happening in the country at the moment, you may have to look after yourself in the absence of a government service being able to provide that for you.”

Listen to the full interview with Junaid Kharsany on The Daily Round-Up here


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