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Oupa Fats Wetlands maintenance project kicks-off

Shoneez Bulbulia |
23rd August 2023 | 16:00 CAT
1 min read

Photo Credit: Facebook – Oupa Fats Wetlands

This morning, the City of Johannesburg and multiple organisations began various clean-up projects to maintain the Oupa Fats Wetlands Park and Open Space Management. Tasks involved in these efforts include maintaining the reeds, controlling alien invasive species, and picking up litter.

Micky Padiachee, the regional director for Region D, introduced the city’s different departments and explained that they were all collaborating through a multidisciplinary approach. This approach was developed after multiple meetings with all the departments.

“This is a medium, short to long-term approach, and we are not raising unnecessary expectations. “

Councillor Nokutula Nofumela of Ward 10 in Lenasia thanked the residents and government departments for collaborating to address this critical matter.

“I am so happy as I see the faces of the community, and it relieves me that I am doing something to bring service delivery to the area.”

According to Tsepang Makganye, the Senior Manager in Conservation and Catchment Management at City Parks and Zoo in Johannesburg, maintenance work has begun to address the issues causing flooding. This work will continue for the next few weeks, focusing on freeing the silt currently obstructing the wetlands.

Zarina Motala, a resident on Peacock Avenue whose home was also flooded last year, said: “The residents understand the long-term issues to ensure, but as Action for Accountability and AKF, we can see active citizenry of working with the community and government department has born the kind of fruits that we’ve expected. This engagement has been over a year, not only because of last year’s floods. This has taken a lot of patience from the community.”

Motala discussed the extent of the residents’ distress and damages resulting from the floods., “We appreciate that they came out to evaluate and do something about this and look forward to living in a safe, unflooded environment.”

Environmental activist Yoonis Mitha said, “Today is my dream come true for the Oupa Fats Wetlands. This is one of the finest days of my life and is a culmination of 25 years of effort and activism together with many members of the community.”

Earlier this year, the Mayor of Johannesburg and a parliamentary team visited Mosquito Valley to assess the situation and speak with residents. They provided reassurance that they would work to help resolve the underlying issues.



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