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Overcoming Online School Challenges – Part 4

Aug 06, 2020

4. The Challenge: Lack of Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is an essential requirement for online schooling; however, many kids lack it. Many learners fall behind and nurture the idea of giving up, as difficulties in handling a technological medium also seem insurmountable. Children need to find the motivation to follow the new educational trends and also properly equip themselves for future challenges in their education and careers.

How Parents Can Help

Put your child in the driver’s seat as much as possible – When a child feels controlled, or out of control when it comes to their education, they often withdraw from learning. It’s important to guide children through the learning process, but it’s just as important to allow children to have control of their own learning experience. Give your kids the ability to have direct input into their learning choices. A good way to do this is to provide children options. For example, if he has to write an essay or give a speech, allow him to choose his own topic to write about. If he chooses his own topic, he is probably passionate about it and this will motivate him to do his best.

Focus on what he’s learning, not his performance – Instead of asking your child how he did on his math test as soon as he gets off the online class for the day, have him teach you what he learned in math for that day. Focus on what your child is learning, as opposed to how he is performing. While performance is important, focusing on his learning experience will (1) communicate to your child that actual learning is more important than test grades, (2) results are not the most important thing, (3) you’re more concerned about him than you are about his performance and (4) by focusing on his learning experience that day you’ll provide him the opportunity to put into his own words his lesson and solidify what he’s learned.

The above 4 points will lead to greater self-confidence which in turn will lead to motivation.

Recognize and celebrate achievements – No matter how small they may be, it’s important to recognize and celebrate your child’s achievements. This is especially important for primary school children who require constant positive reinforcement to keep them motivated to learn and challenge themselves to do better. We’re not suggesting that you praise mediocrity, but that you offer recognition and celebrate your child’s achievements. Finishing a difficult project deserves a special treat; doing well on a test could call for ice-cream. Always use positive reinforcement as your tool to motivate learning with your child.


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