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Palestine Report

Sameera Casmod |
21 August 2023 | 12:00pm SAST
2-min read

Allegations have emerged of Israeli police branding the Star of David onto the face of a Palestinian man. The incident has ignited outrage within Palestinian and Israeli communities and has prompted broader discussions about the symbolism and implications of such actions.

The story centres around a Palestinian man from the Shua’fat refugee camp in Al-Quds who reportedly suffered a brutal encounter with Israeli forces. According to initial reports from Israeli media outlets such as Yedioth Ahronoth and its online version YNet, the man was subjected to physical violence and subsequently branded with the Star of David on his cheek. The incident allegedly occurred after the man’s arrest by Israeli occupation police, who accused him of involvement in drug trafficking.

The incident has fuelled intense discussions both within Palestinian society and among Israelis. Allegations point to the use of excessive force and the branding of a religious symbol as deeply disturbing acts of violence. The branding of the Star of David, a symbol associated with Judaism and the Israeli flag, has intensified the emotional impact of the incident.

The Israeli police have offered an alternative explanation for the branding, suggesting that it was not intentional and that it was caused by an article of clothing worn by one of the officers. This explanation has been met with scepticism, particularly due to the absence of functioning body cameras worn by the officers involved in the arrest. The lack of corroborating evidence has raised concerns about transparency and accountability within the Israeli police force.

The alleged incident has led to significant backlash, not only within Palestinian communities but also in Israeli society. Critics have drawn parallels between these actions and ideologies associated with Jewish supremacy, as well as historical references to Nazism. The incident has even become a focal point in the ongoing anti-Netanyahu judicial protests, with some protesters citing it as evidence of an ideology that has permeated the police force.

In related news, the passing of a Palestinian youth, Hamza Abu Sneneh, has brought attention to the long-lasting impacts of violence in the region. Hamza suffered severe injuries during the disturbances in Masjid al-Aqsa during Ramadan two years ago. He was struck by a rubber-coated metal bullet, resulting in multiple skull fractures and the loss of his left eye. Despite surviving the initial injury, Hamza’s health deteriorated, and he passed away last week.

Amid the challenges faced by the Palestinian people, a symbol of hope has emerged from Gaza. A remarkable gathering of 1,442 Huffadh (those who have memorised the Quran) took place under the auspices of the organisation Darul Quran al-Karim wa Sunnah. This meticulously planned event saw Huffaz from all corners of Gaza congregating to recite the Quran from memory over a span of 10 to 12 hours.

The event not only showcased the dedication of these individuals but also demonstrated unity across age, gender, and ability. The significance of this gathering, especially within the confines of the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip, points toward a cultural movement that reflects resilience and spiritual growth among Palestinians.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Jamal, founder of the organisation behind the Huffadh gathering, envisions a future where every home in Gaza houses a hafidh. This aspiration is intertwined with safeguarding the faith and protection of Gaza from external threats. The increasing number of Huffadh in Gaza signifies a growing commitment to spiritual enrichment and, possibly, a step closer to the broader liberation of Palestine.

Listen to the full Palestine Report on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaiman Ravat.


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