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Palestine Report

Sameera Casmod |
20 November 2023 | 09:20 CAT
2-min read

War on Gaza, day 45

The death toll has surpassed 13 000. This includes more than 5 000 children and 3 300 women. 30 000 people have been injured.

In the Palestine Report this week, Moulana Ebrahim Moosa discusses the evolving situation in the war on Gaza, underscoring the possibility of a deal between the US, Israel and Hamas to free Israeli prisoners of war during a 5 day pause in the war.

Moosa highlights a change in Israeli rhetoric from the initial focus on the destruction of Hamas to considerations of bringing home hostages and prisoners of war in the Gaza Strip. The pressure from the resistance on the ground, concerns about the precarious situation of hostages, and the global call for an immediate ceasefire from over 100 countries are identified as influential factors.

The core of the potential deal, as outlined in the interview, revolves around a five-day pause in fighting. The United States is reportedly brokering the deal between the Israelis and Hamas with involvement from Qatari intermediaries. The reported terms include a phased release of hostages, overhead surveillance, and provisions for increased fuel supply to Gaza.

Crucially, Moosa emphasises the complexity of negotiating with various factions within the Israeli government, including conflicting perspectives from figures like Benny Gantz, the Israeli war minister, and Benjamin Netanyahu. The Qatari prime minister expresses optimism about the deal, pointing out minor sticking points related to practical and logistical issues.

However, Moosa remains cautious, highlighting the dependency of the deal on rapidly evolving ground developments. The assessment of Israeli military strategy is also discussed, with conflicting views emerging from American circles on the effectiveness of the ground campaign in Gaza.

As Israel’s attack on Gaza persists, Moosa addresses the rising Palestinian death toll, the relocation of premature babies from Shifa Hospital, and the potential economic impact on Israel due to the extended military engagement. The interview outlines reports on Israeli plans, including the creation of a refugee tent city, which is indicative of their goal to exert power and control over Gaza.

Reports on Israeli plans include industrial oil diggers to ‘expose’ Hamas tunnels that run under Gaza, which suggests that their goal is to steal Palestinian oil and gas reserves.

The interview underscored how the Israeli propaganda narrative is unravelling at the seams. In a report from Haaretz, the Israeli security establishment revealed that Hamas did not intend to attend a reported musical festival, further highlighting Israel’s propensity for fabricating information.

The interview concludes by questioning the veracity of Israeli estimates of casualties, referencing a statement by Mark Regev associated with the Israeli Prime Minister. Regev claims a reduction in the number of Israelis killed due to overestimation, sparking scrutiny over the circumstances of the reported casualties.

Listen to the Palestine Report on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat.


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