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Palestine Report: UN General Assembly

Neelam Rahimneelam@radioislam.co.za

5 min read | 15:40 CAT

The 77th general debate of the United Nations General Assembly took place in New York, where World Leaders gathered and represented their countries. The leaders share their perspectives and give one another several pressing issues today.

Hafez Ebrahim Moosa told Radio Islam International that even though the United Nations is responsible for the crimes to a great degree in Palestine and enabling it by its action. Interest is still in who says what at the forum and which countries take postures concerning Palestine.

He added that the talks on Palestine were this year drowned out by the focus on Ukraine, which has not come without its irony.

“So many countries around world discussing the evils of the Russian occupation in Ukraine, and a few countries were keen to point out the hypocrisy of that stance. Many countries taking that posture have been silent about the decade’s long occupation in Palestine,” he says.

Hafez Ebrahim highlighted noteworthy statements made by the Palestinian Prime Minister

Mahmood Abbas stressed many Israeli crimes, but at the same time, he welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s call for a two-state solution. He calls it a favourable investment and wants a return to negotiations.

According to the latest poll, 74 per cent of Palestinians want Mahmood Abbas out. This week the Palestinian Authority was caught red-handed attacking Palestinian resistance fighters and arresting them in Nablus on behalf of the Israeli occupation.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian King highlighted his concern that the future of Jerusalem is an urgent concern. He also stated that as much as Jordan is responsible for the Muslim sites in Jerusalem, Christianity is under attack in Jerusalem from the Israeli occupation. He believes his government is very much a guardian for that as well.

Erdogan, the Turkish President, spoke about the Palestinian course and said it’s essential to react to Jerusalem’s historical and cultural identity and the sanctity of the Haram Al-Sharif, referring to Masjidul-Aqsa.

Hats off to the South African Minister of international relations and corporation, Naledi Pandor, who addressed the issue head-on. Hafez Ebrahim said she went behind the well-worn rhetoric of two-state solutions like many other countries continue to do. She talks about this being a stain on the United Nations dealing with and ignoring the Palestinian conflict for more than seven decades.

“This also makes Naledi Pandor a target of people who do not side with the Palestinian course.”

Listen below to the Palestine Report with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie and Hafez Ebrahim Moosa on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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