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Pick n Pay unveils new supermarket brand QualiSave

Annisa Essack

Pick n Pay is targeting the middle market with its new QualiSave stores, which promise to offer essential items at lower prices, accounting for 40% of the company’s owned stores.

As the retail battle for South Africa’s middle market intensifies, Pick n Pay splits its brand in half. When the brand split was first announced in May, it was referred to as “Project Red”. Unlike Pick n Pay stores, QualiSave stores are smaller and cheaper, carrying fewer products at a lower price, targeting consumers who buy essential items in bulk.

As part of a media tour of the revamped Eerste River store in Cape Town, Pick n Pay QualiSave was unveiled on Monday morning.

Pick n Pay’s new supermarket brand offers 8,000 products, including meat, fresh produce, bakery goods, and essential commodities. The new Pick n Pay QualiSave stores stock products that have been carefully selected based on consumer trends.

“We have done an enormous amount of research to understand exactly what customers want and need,” said Pick n Pay Group CEO Pieter Boone.

“We concluded that we could not successfully meet the needs of all our customers with just one Pick n Pay brand. Freshness, value for money, and customer service were non-negotiable demands across all customers, but they wanted their favourite stores to be better tailored to their specific needs.”

From September, the nationwide conversion of Pick n Pay stores into QualiSave branches will gain momentum, explained the retailer, when these new shops will open with new branding, layouts, and signage. During the past three months, Pick n Pay has revamped six QualiSave stores, and Boone welcomed “the positive response” from customers.

QualiSave will convert around 40% of Pick n Pay company-owned supermarkets.

“We are very attuned to the fact that the cost of living is increasing sharply, and Pick n Pay QualiSave will be on the side of customers in providing great everyday value and deals,” said Boone.

“This announcement places the Group in a stronger position to serve shoppers better across its now three banners – Boxer for aspirational customers with tight budgets, Pick n Pay QualiSave for the growing middle market, and Pick n Pay at the higher end, with its renewed emphasis on the best products and services.”



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