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Preparation for Ramadhan

Apr 09, 2021

Step 10 and 11 towards preparing for Ramadhan

10) Clean sweep the media
Have you got any downloaded songs in your phone or computer? Maybe some movies or seasons? If they stay there, chances are you might end up “unintentionally” coming across it while you busy on your phone and then you ask yourself let me just see what is this about and before you know it the song or movie starts playing and you say to your inner-self ok just a minute! You know very well what happens thereafter!

So to be safe, clean sweep your media files from before so that even when you are tempted to listen to songs or watch movies during Ramadhan, it won`t be there and you will be deterred from doing it.

Remember that social media is like a friend, in fact it is even much more than that because your friends have cut off times and are not with you every moment, but your phone is – in many cases it’s the first thing you check when you wake up and the last thing you put down before you sleep. So like how it is important that you choose your friends wisely and especially in Ramadhan, it is just as important that you take control over your social media, at least during this month!

Remember it is the most blessed month in the entire year, so pick up the Quraan and put down that phone!

That brings us to another point, reading Quraan on your phone is certainly permissible and it’s a good app to have on your phone when eg. you stuck in traffic and don’t have a Quraan with you. But this could pose a distraction, you tell yourself I am going to recite an entire para which might take me about half an hour so let me just check my “whatsapp`s” quickly and before you know it that entire half an hour has gone and you haven’t recited even one verse!

11) Choose your relationship
This one is a reminder specifically for those who are in a haram relationship. You have to decide which relationship matters more to you. The spiritual relationship with your Creator, Allah, or a forbidden relationship with someone who might not even be destined for you.

If you have the capability and opportunity, then make it halaal by marrying the other person. But if you don’t, then you should leave the matter to Allah and let Him decide what’s best for you.

Remember, being in a haraam relationship will harm nothing more than your Taqwah (faith) and spirituality. After all, Ramadhan is our best chance to get back our spiritual connection with Allah and level up our spirituality.

NOTE: Another important step in preparing for Ramadhan; Make up for the fasts missed in the previous Ramadhan right now. Otherwise, they will only pile up every year until a point comes when it becomes extremely difficult to cover up pending fasts.


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