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Public Interest SA Lodges Complaint with US Authorities Against Bain & Co.

Jan 10, 2022

By Umamah Bakharia

A South African civil society group, Public Interest SA, has lodged a complaint against Bain & Company with the US Department of Justice.

This is in the wake of the release of the first section of the report of the State Capture Inquiry, which found evidence of a coordinated agenda between Bain & Company- a US based management consultation company, former president Jacob Zuma and SARS to collapse our revenue services.

Public Interest SA founder and chair, Tebogo Khaas, spoke to Radio Islam on the complaint lodged.

The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture report found that Bain & Co. has prior knowledge before the appoint of both itself and Tom Moyane.

Public Interest South Africa founder and chairperson, Tebogo Khaas.

“That on its own, gave enough reason to believe that there must have been a corrupt relationship that somebody knew beforehand that Tom Moyane would be appointed and that is how they approached and started planning in terms of [SARS}”, says Khaas.

Khaas alleges that before the appoint of Moyane, SARS already had a management plan established in key areas like IT, however, all SARS key appointments were removed when Moyane was instated.

SARS former commissioner, Tom Moyane.

“There were just a lot of corrupt activity that took place as soon as Tom Moyane arrived at SARS,” says Khaas.

Bain & Company argue that the commission into state capture only looked at the evidence of one witness and disregarded the company’s submissions into the report.

Khaas says Bain & Co. failed to submit oral evidence or written evident as written evidence is subject to cross examination.

Public Interest SA in its complaint, aims at getting the US to ensure that Bain & Co. is subjected to proceedings under the US corruption act and be able to account for it.

“It is clear that Bain as established by both the vision and Zondo commission was a corrupt relationship,” says Khaas.


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