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Putin may meet Erdogan to discuss the idea of Russia-West talks

Neelam Rahim |

2 min read | 14:15 pm CAT

President Vladimir Putin may meet Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan this week to discuss a Turkish proposal to host talks between Russia and the West on Ukraine.

Dr Ivan Starodubtsev, one of the leading Russian experts on Turkey and Russian-Turkish relations, spoke to Radio Islam International. 

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Dr Ivan Starodubtsev said Turkey is taking a balancing position. An important thing for Russia is that Turkey did not join the sanctions imposed by the UN and EU. 

“The role of Turkey in a peace keeping process is again appreciated by Russia,” he says. 

There were a lot of empty spaces in the Russian market after the European American companies started to leave the Russian market. The Turkish companies immediately entered and began to substitute them. 

“Turk shipments to Russia has doubled and even tripped over the last few months, which is an economic benefit for Turkey to keep relations and channels opened with Russia.”

Earlier this week, the Turkish defence minister said that an immediate size fire is needed in Ukraine. Dr Ivan said the dialogue had been heard constantly and permanently. 

Russian officials have also said Russia is ready to sit at the same table as Ukraine and discuss peace.

Listen to the interview with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat and Dr Ivan Starodubtsev on Radio Islam’s podcast. 



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