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Right-to-Die activist Sean Davison speaks to Radio Islam after his three year house arrest for assisting in the process of euthanasia


Sean Davison via NB Publishers

Transcript by Yumna Moosa

After assisting three people in the process of euthanasia and being charged with premeditated murder, three years of house arrest was the sentence given to DignitySA right-to-die activist Sean Davison. Speaking to Radio Islam, Sean says he does not regret his actions but would have instead lived in regret if he had not assisted the individuals who were “suffering unbearably and had no hope of recovery”.

The activist explained he had been exposed to euthanasia by chance when his 85-year-old mother entered a hunger strike in the hopes of dying during her battle with cancer. He had watched his mother grow frail during her hunger strike, but when it was evident that she could not pass in this manner, she had asked him to assist her in death. Seun says that he did this by giving her an overdose of morphine and relates to “entering a world of suffering I (he) had no awareness of”.

Davison said that the requirements for euthanasia should be strictly regulated for people who are ” mentally confident and suffering unbearably with no hope of recovery.” He also says that he would continue fighting for the legalization of the cause, as he believes it to be a human action.


*Euthanasia is not Islamically allowed.


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