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RISE Mzansi declares Oppenheimer funding

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
22 February 2024 | 08:06 CAT

Rise Mzansi party says it has received a R15 million donation from Rebecca Oppenheimer. Image: Rise Mzansi website

New Kids on the political block, Rise Mzansi, has revealed that they have managed to raise almost R17 million in funding ahead of the May 2024 election. Most funds come from the Oppenheimer family, with more than R15m from Rebecca Oppenheimer, the granddaughter of mining magnate Harry Oppenheimer.

On Saturday, the party disclosed its funding as part of the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) Political Funding Act.

Rise Mzansi said Main Street gave it R1m, and the rest was donated in-kind by InJozi Design and Kairo Communications, who contributed R160,000 and R559,000, respectively.

Oppenheimer has previously funded the Democratic Alliance (DA) and ActionSA, and Rebecca is also heir to the Anglo-American and De Beers Fortune.

“The relationship that we have with Rebecca and every person that has donated to Rise Mzansi is that we are all committed to building a safe, prosperous, equal and United South Africa in one generation,” said Rise Mzansi chief organiser Makashule Gana.

Gana said the laws of South Africa are clear about whom donations can be accepted.

“We do not accept donations where we suspect the finds may be the proceeds of crime; or where prospective donors want to unduly influence our policies, politics and decision-making processes,” Gana says.

Gana added that the party was unlike other political parties in Parliament that receive taxpayer funding ‒ new political parties rely on their private citizens to fund their political activities.

Listen to the full interview on Your World Today with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie.


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