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SAHUC field worker Fariet Moosa passes away in Makkah

Jun 23, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

This morning we received the news of the passing on of Brother Fariet Moosa. Brother Fariet Moosa had been in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the SAHUC commission, and SAHUC has sent their condolences to the family.

Radio Islam speaks to the president of SAHUC, Shaheen Essop.

Shaheen begins by sharing with us the circumstances and some details in terms of the events over the last few days and the participation of Brother Marham Fariet Moosa.

Shaheen says, “Since the advent of the team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the flow of Hajjar started coming through. Jeddah and Medina airports certainly has made a great impact on the numbers of South Africans while other Western countries were still realing in terms of this new system that they were working on. Marhoom Fariet was the coordinator of the Jeddah team and his responsibility was at the airport in Jeddah to ensure that any arriving passengers with connecting flights or connecting via train or by a bus was seen to and that there was no issue with the Pilgrims at that particular station or that particular rival point on. So all things have been equal. He and his team did a very good job Alhamdulillah. They also participated in the last few days over the last weekend with the arrival of busses coming through from Medina to Makkah and were very welcoming to the pilgrims. Pilgrims were very pleased. In fact, there was a program a couple that landed at Jidda. Who indicated that marhoom Fariet actually smiled at them and said to them don’t worry if you overweight share with us your excess baggage and we will keep it for you.”

Shaheen also shares some history of how marhoom Fariet joined and his participation in SAHUC over the years.

“We publicly put out a requisition for people to join the SAHUC mission team. He joined many years ago, Alhamdulillah and has been a very strong pillar of this team and contributed towards this team and the success of the team in Jeddah as well as Aziziya. He’s thought many of his colleagues quite well and as a result of which there will be continuity In’Sha’Allah. The void will definitely be filled especially after his passing in the early hours of this morning.”

“It’s easier until you return from Medina, so you don’t have to pay to go from Jeddah to Medina. So this was the quality of the person. The person was dedicated. I saw what, in terms of the mission with his team and the entire SAHUC team, a family that was created. His participation will be missed, especially in the five days of Hajj, where he was basically in control of splitting the camps and sorting the tents for the various operators. Alhamdulillah,” says Shaheen.

Listen to Radio Islam’s podcast below for more on the last moments and burial of marhoom Fariet Moosa.


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