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Significance of Muharram – Ml Mohsin Saber


Thursday 20121122 – Moulana Mohsin Saber explained that Muharram is a special month commemorating Allah Ta’ala’s deliverance of Moosa AS from the tyranny of Fir’own. A month in which Rasulullah Sallallahu`Alayhi Wa Sallam instructed his Sahabah RA to fast, not just on the 10th of Muharram, but either 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th of Muharram in honour of Moosa AS.

Moulana touched on the trials of Moosa AS and mentioned some lessons we can derive from it.  The first lesson; just as Moosa AS was rewarded after remaining patient and steadfast in carrying out the Command of Allah despite the adverse conditions, so too would we be rewarded if we do the same.  The second lesson; Moosa AS placed his complete trust in his Lord and handed his affairs to his Lord, Allah Ta’ala became his Guardian.  If we do the same, Allah will take care of our matters.   Third lesson; Moosa AS happily underwent great difficulty for Allah’s sake because of his love for Allah.  We too, need to make concerted efforts to imbibe the love of Allah in our hearts, obeying Allah then would be easier…   







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