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Somalia’s drought and conflict forced 3.8 million to flee

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
12 March 2023 | 22:04 CAT

Image: UNHCR

Image: UNHCR

In Somalia, the number of people forced to flee from drought and conflict has reached a new high of 3.8 million. International organizations now warn hundreds of thousands more could follow in the coming months.

Reports suggest that Somalia is facing its worst drought, causing famine in many parts of the country.

Speaking to Radio Islam International on Humanitarian efforts in Somalia, The Regional Emergency Director at the International Rescue Committee, Shashawat Saraf, described the situation in Somalia as catastrophic.

He said five consecutive rains have already happened, with a forecast of the sixth rain below average in the March/April rains.

Over eight million people in Somalia are extremely food insecure, and close to 800 000 people face dire hunger. Millions of people have moved to Somalia in search of water, shelter, food, and other locations like Kenya.

The Humanitarian organizations are appealing for funds. Saraf highlighted some of the appeals to the international community.

According to Saraf, Humanitarian assistance ensures accessible and affordable food, including drinking water.

Somalia has seen the Ukraine crisis impact food availability and prices as Somalia imports 90/ of its wheat from Ukraine which has also been an aggravating factor.

Meanwhile, the ongoing crisis has raised protection concerns for women and children. Saraf said the need for people leaving their homes to move in locations and live in shelters which are not adequate, had seen a dramatic increase in the abuse of women.

“Most of the Humanitarian assistance is focused around food, water, protection and ensuring prevention and support of any health epidemics,” he added.


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