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South Africa on the Brink: Rising Social Unrest Sparks Concern Amongst Investors

Annisa Essack |
4 September 2023 | 10:30 CAT

2 min read

Photo Credit: Daily Express

Recently, South Africa has been in the spotlight due to an escalating risk of social unrest. The Daily Investor has been closely monitoring the situation, and several factors contribute to this growing concern.

Economic Inequality: South Africa has long grappled with stark economic disparities. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these inequalities, leaving many South Africans unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. The resulting frustration and desperation can be a breeding ground for social unrest.

Political Turbulence: The country has witnessed political turmoil, including factional infighting within the ruling African National Congress (ANC). This instability can spill over into civil unrest as citizens become disillusioned with their leaders’ ability to address their concerns.

Service Delivery Issues: Persistent issues with essential advice delivery, such as access to clean water and electricity, have fuelled public frustration. Protests have become a common means of expressing these grievances and can quickly escalate into violence.

Historical Precedents: South Africa has a history of social unrest, notably the 2015 #FeesMustFall movement and the 2021 unrest following the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. These events serve as reminders of the volatile nature of public sentiment.

In light of these factors, investors and businesses operating in South Africa should exercise caution. It is crucial to stay informed about the evolving situation and consider risk mitigation strategies. The government must also take proactive steps to address the root causes of social unrest to ensure the country’s stability and prosperity.


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