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State vs Beare: suspected killer remanded for mental examination

Sameera Casmod |
05 June 2024 | 22:12 p.m. SAST
1-minute read

Image: Africa News Agency

The case of Grayson James Beare, accused of the Islamophobic murder of a Durban mother, Halima, and the attempted murder of her husband and son, was brought to the Durban Magistrates Court yesterday. He faces charges of murder and two counts of attempted murder, with the court adjourning the case to June 11 for a psychiatric evaluation. The state intends to oppose bail.

In a recent interview, Alie Komape from Africa for Palestine strongly condemned the attack.

Komape said that the attack appears to have been premeditated and motivated by the family’s vocal support for Palestine.

Beare was reportedly not a stranger to the family but a neighbour who had been aware of their pro-Palestinian stance.

The state has declared its intent to oppose bail, and the family, as well as Africa for Palestine, share this opposition, calling for Beer to remain in custody throughout the trial process.

“Someone who could commit such heinous, barbaric and senseless violent acts, does not deserve to be on the street,” Komape stated. “He deserves to be locked up behind bars when the trial process continues.”

The case has sparked significant outrage and concern within the community and beyond, with various organisations and individuals demanding justice.

The swift statements from pro-Israel supporters and the South African Jewish Board of Deputies have been criticised and are seen as attempts to deflect from the hate-driven nature of the crime.

“We find it very interesting, especially from pro-Israel supporters in this country, to be very quick in responding,” Komape noted. “If you look at the mass shootings in the United States that are inspired by hate and domestic terrorism, there’s always an issue of mental health when the shooter is white. If the shooter is black, if the shooter is Muslim, if the shooter is Arab- it’s a terrorist attack,” he added.

Listen to the full interview on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat here.


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