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SWORD Campaign Story 3 With Sister Ammarah – Tuesday, 23.07.2013


My energetic, bubbly, full of life and happy go lucky grandmother got married to my late grandfather at the tender age of 14. Coming from a country town, Carolina, to a farm, Vlakpoort, life changed for her. From a carefree young girl to a hard working wife. Her routine began at 5 in the morning with cooking, cleaning, baking, knitting, working etc and ended 8 at night with sewing to help the family business. Being the wife of a shop keeper meant having to help out in the shop as well as seeing to cooking for in laws, shop staff and extended family. After 3 years she was blessed with a son and 8 years later was a mother of 5 healthy children. Travelling around the world and full of strength nothing prepared her for what Allah had planned for her. It all started when her eldest daughter was getting married. The first fall of many falls was on her front veranda. Thereafter, in the shop through a showcase when it dawned on my grandfather that something was not right. This was the start of her journey to many doctors to diagnose what was wrong with her. Slowly her legs started giving up. Only to be diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Being on the walker, at the age of 36, Allah blessed her with strength to do the confinement of her eldest daughter’s child. At the age of just 46 she lost her son in law and had to be a pillar of strength for her daughter who was a widow with 3 children. Still walking with a walker Allah gave her strength to help her daughter, do an umrah and look after her in laws. Gradually with time her mobility became less where she no longer could help herself and had become bed ridden at the age of 57. Simple chores like brushing her teeth, combing her hair and bathing herself became impossible. She required the assistance for all the above and much more. 1 year later she lost her youngest daughter in law leaving her son with 4 kids, the eldest 8 and youngest being 18 months. From her bed she now became a mother to these children. 5 months later Allah made her a widow, a month later her eldest son’s daughter of 7yrs was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. 5 months later her mother in law that lived with her for 44yr passed away. 10 months went by and her granddaughter passed away. Yet again she became a pillar of strength to her children. I marvel at the strength and courage my grandmother has, when asked where does she get it from, her reply is from Allah. Now at the age of 64 her routine starts at 7 in the morning, listening to Radio Islam carefully to repeat the stories to her grandchildren so she can inculcate good morals in us. At 8 she’s bathed, dressed and ready to start her day which includes knitting/crocheting jerseys for the one of her many grandchildren. With eid dawning upon us soon she’ll making chavro and meti roti. Yummy some of the favourites of my granny’s, we simply love. My granny undoubtedly possesses the qualities of a sword. She endeavours to persevere with patience throughout every challenge and difficulty she’s faced with. She does not let her illness get in the way of anything and that smile on her face simply gives us all courage.

Name-Saleha Chothia



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