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Sympathy – Life Of Ali Bin Abu Talib RA ? Ml S Moola Asherville 2012 – Part 2


Wednesday 20120509 – ‘The nature of human existence on earth is riddled with challenges.’ – Ali bin Abu Talib RA.   As a result of our actions, we’ve sadly become a self-destructive society without the element of sympathy from most people.  Ml Sulaimaan Moola , in this talk delivered at Masjid Noor Asherville Mallinson Rd, elucidated that the only way to free ourselves from these trials and attract divine sympathy, is to align ourselves with the lives of Sahabah and synchronise our thinking with that of Sahabah RA.  Then only will we witness a shift and change in the happenings of the world.  Moulana outlined certain anecdotes from the exemplary life of Ali Bin Abu Taalib RA.  This is part 2…






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