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Syria: Travel Diaries : Part 1

From Mufti Moosagie's – Syrian travel Diaries: Part 1

September 2013

Muhammed Nur is a 15 year old boy originally from Idlib, Syria. Six weeks ago, at the end of Ramadhan, he was sitting to have Iftaar with his mother and 5 siblings. His father has been living in Italy for 10 years trying to support his family. A few moments before the Magrib Azaan, a rocket struck their home. A dileberate strike at a time when it could cause the most fatalities since most familes are together to break their fast. His mother's hand was injured and a piece of shrapnel hit him at the back of his head causing serve injury to his head. He was fortunate to receive treatment immediately, but was left with a major physical impediment : he is now unable to talk and has to be assissted by his younger brother to fufill the most basic tasks.

He is just one of  50 boys that are being taken care of at the Syrian Medical Center in Reyhanli, close to the Turkish-Syrian border.

When we visited the center earlier today  I was reduced to tears listening to the many stories of loss and injuries. While we were sitting in the office of the administrator of the center we could hear a child crying in the back groud.  We were told that it was the cry of a 5 year old boy who had been brought to the center just a few days ago. He was paralysed in the lower part of his body when shrapnel from a bomb struck the lower part of his spine.

We were also told of a lady who was brought to the center about 3 months ago. She had been burnt on her face.  It was not a burn caused by fire but rather by chemicals.  The burn was pinkish and different. She had to be transferred to the local hospital where she passed away a week later. It is a sign that Bashar Al Assad has been using chemicals for a while now.

There are many similar stories  of human suffering and tragedy.  Every Syrian that we have been talking to tell us about their own loses with great courage – trying to hold back their emotions and putting up a brave face.

The conflict is into its 3rd year and there seems to be no end in sight. People we speak to say that it may continue for another 10 years. A heavy price indeed the Syrians are paying for liberation.


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