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The Asia-Pacific Report

Sameera Casmod |
19 October 2023 | 09:30 CAT
1-min read

Picture: University of Newcastle

Photo: University of Newcastle

Sanusha Naidu discussed Xi Jinping’s announcement of a new action plan for the Belt and Road initiative at the forum held in Beijing this week, the Chinese embassy’s warning to students against joining protests over Israeli bombardment of Gaza, and Singapore’s concerns about the risk of public disorder during this week’s Asia-Pacific Report.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced an ambitious action plan for the Belt and Road Initiative, marking a significant step in global development. The unveiling of the plan coincided with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first international address since the Ukraine conflict. The occasion was the third Belt and Road Forum held this week in Beijing, emphasising the initiative’s growing importance on the global stage.

The forum, a key platform within China’s global development framework, witnessed substantial financial commitments across various sectors, particularly in green infrastructure and logistics. With an allocation of US $107 billion, the Chinese government reaffirmed its commitment to the initiative, underlining the critical role of investment in bolstering global development amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges.

Speaking at the forum, President Xi Jinping highlighted the imperative of addressing environmental concerns associated with infrastructural development, particularly in regions like the Arctic Circle, where increased investment may pose risks to the delicate ecosystem.

The Belt and Road Initiative has garnered participation from approximately 150 countries that signed the Memorandum of Understanding several years ago, reflecting its broad international appeal. Notably, the forum also witnessed discussions between President Xi Jinping and President Putin, emphasising the alignment of geopolitical strategies within the initiative’s framework.

In light of recent global events, discussions extended to the Middle East crisis.

The Chinese embassy in the US issued a warning to students, advising them against participating in protests related to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

Furthermore, concerns over potential public disorder have surfaced in countries such as Singapore. The risk arose in the wake of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Listen to the Asia-Pacific Report on Sabaahul Muslim with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat.


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