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The Asia Pacific Report With Sanusha Naidoo

Annisa Essack |
21 September 2023 | 00:00 CAT

2 min read

Canada-India Diplomatic Tensions: A Deepening Crisis?

Recent allegations made by the Canadian government linking India to the killing of a Sikh leader on Canadian soil have strained diplomatic relations between the two countries. Sanusha Naidoo, an expert in international affairs, shared her insights on three current events in the Asia-Pacific region.

While not directly involved, the United Kingdom and Australia closely monitor the situation. They are awaiting more information from the Canadian government regarding the nature and credibility of the allegations. The Canadian Prime Minister has stated that these allegations are still under investigation.

The accusations have led to a tit-for-tat diplomatic exchange, with India and Canada issuing travel advisories to their nationals. They have also considered the evacuation of students studying in each other’s countries. Furthermore, the already fragile trade relationship between India and Canada has been affected, with discussions about a trade pact put on hold pending further developments.

Sanusha Naidoo emphasised that the outcome of the investigations will play a pivotal role in determining the future of diplomatic relations between India and Canada. The seriousness of the allegations and their substantiation will be critical factors in shaping the course of bilateral ties.

India’s Shift Towards Manufacturing: Apple and Foxconn

Apple is diversifying its production capabilities in response to growing geopolitical tensions between the United States and China. Apple is now partnering with Foxconn to manufacture its products in India, marking a significant shift in its supply chain.

While Foxconn does not design Apple’s products, it assembles them, and this move to India is a response to the trade restrictions and sanctions imposed by the U.S. on China. The forthcoming iPhone 15, for instance, will be assembled in Tamil Nadu, India. Additionally, a more affordable version of the iPhone will be released in India, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of expanding high-tech manufacturing in the country.

This move signifies a historic moment for India, demonstrating the country’s ability to attract global tech giants and participate in manufacturing cutting-edge devices.

The Rise of Digital Nomads in Japan

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in people’s work, giving rise to the concept of “digital nomads.” Digital nomads can work from anywhere worldwide as long as they have reliable internet access. They are not tied to a physical office, enabling them to travel while working remotely.

Japan has embraced this trend and actively promotes it as a form of tourism. The country has established “Workspace Hubs,” spaces where digital nomads can work during specified hours and explore the country during their free time. This concept allows tourists to experience Japan while maintaining their work commitments.

The rise of digital nomads is transforming the traditional workplace and blurring the lines between work and travel, providing a unique opportunity for remote workers and the countries that welcome them.

In summary, recent diplomatic tensions between Canada and India are fuelled by allegations that require further investigation. Apple’s manufacturing shift to India marks a significant development in global supply chains. Finally, Japan’s embrace of digital nomads represents a growing trend in how people work and travel.

Listen here to the full interview with Sulaimaan Ravat and Sanusha Naidoo on Sabahul Muslim.


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