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Book Review: The Islamic Renaissance in South Asia (1707-1867) The Role of Shah Waliallah and His Successors by Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi




Reviewed by: Ml. Ashraf Dockrat on Radio Islam – 22 September 2014 

No of pages: (298) 

Price: (R90.00) 

EBook: (None) 

Genre: Politics, Reformation, Biographies



The book traces Indian Muslim history from the 7th century when Islam arrived in the South Asian subcontinent region, noting significant moments in the rise and fall in of the Indian Muslim community. We are introduced to the impact of prominent personalities of that time, and of the great thinker Shah Wali Allah (ra). After Aurungzeb died, Shah Waliullah’s epoch-making contributions played a significant role in stunting the regions moral decay and sociopolitical turmoil. The author notes how Shah Wali Allah (ra) wrote letters to the Mughal leaders of the time and expressed political concerns against the Marathas to Ahmed Shah Durrani. The Mughal Empire had been in political decline since the death of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1707 due to rise of Marathas.


Aside from this, Shah Waliallah’s own scholarship is well known, as his headship of Madrasa Rahimiyyah – the 8 years he studied Islam in Makkah Mukarramah when he went for Hajj and returned to Delhi with ideas that cemented the Sihah Sitta for eg. as part of global hadith syllabi. He underlines Shah Waliullah’s thoughts on Khilafa and leadership (internal and external leadership), the 4 stages of a perfect society and the contributions of his descendants therefrom.


The author, Dr Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi (18 September 1950 – 25 September 2010) is a renowned Scholar, Researcher, Prolific Writer and Academic of Islam. Dr Ghazi, appeared before the Supreme Court of South Africa (Cape of Good Hope, Provincial Division) as an expert witness in an case against Qaadiani’s. He was President of the International Islamic University – Islamabad, Pakistan, Judge of the Federal Shariah Court – Pakistan, and Federal Minister of Religious Affairs of the Government of Pakistan.


Published by: Adam Publishers (2004) 

Availability: MI Nana Bookstore  – 011 834 2449 or Amazon


Prime Spot!!!


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