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The Dua Portal: Duas to bid farewell to the Hujaaj

Shakirah Hunter

The Hujaaj have been leaving. The farewells are so overwhelming. As we stand at the airport, we find ourselves crying for people that we don’t even know. The lists have been so long, preparation from snacks to the best  of luggage. Ihram checks, the best shoe and the right kitabs. Everything is thought of. We have the best brands and family members will give advice and cute duaa books and little packs that will make the journey easier.

Your ‘zaad’ is the provision that one takes with you for Hajj. The duaa one makes for a haaji frames the true ‘zaad’ the best provision to take with.

زودك الله التقوى ووجهك في الخير وكفاك الهم

Zawaadakallahutaqwa wa wajjahaka fil khair wakfaakal hamm

May Allah make taqwa your provision, direct you towards goodness and may He be sufficient for you in distress.

This Duaa highlights three important factors that overtakes the worry and focus of a Hajji:

  1. The provision of wealth
  2. The worry of being in a different country with all the horror stories that might fill one with trepidition
  3. Worry for the many variables that might go wrong, the worry of your valuables and the distress of the actual journey of Hajj.

As always, the Duas of our Habeeb (S) is all encompassing and takes into consideration the many factors that consume the mind of the Haaji.

As we bid farewell to our Hujaaj , take these words and make them as a sincere Dua for our Hujaaj. The reality of the worry and stress of the journey is immense. Instead of filling their minds with horror stories and agents who might have made the journey difficult, use these words to give comfort- for with the provision of taqwa we are able to move beyond the tests that are undoubtedly going to overtake the Haaji. While they worry over the journey ahead- let your duas and words be a constant comfort.

Every hajj journey is full of challenges and one is pushed to the limit- but the last part of this dua states so beautifully: “May Allah be sufficient for you in distress” – directs your focus to the total reliance of Allah Ta’ala no matter the situation, no matter the worry, no matter the test.

May Allah Ta’ala grant our Hujaaj the best provision of total reliance on Him and His assistance in every moment. Ameen


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