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The Duaa Portal- The Duaa of Rajab – a supplication for barakah


The onset of Rajab brings with it the much anticipated count down to Ramadan AL Kareem . We begin the month with a dua for barakah during this auspicious month. The reality of our preparation towards Ramadhaan means that Rajab is our time to set our goals, objectives and desires for the month of Ramadhan. In reality as life speeds us towards the end of the year and our focus is just getting through each moment – The Dua of Rajab ” oh Allah grant us Barakah in Rajab” steers us towards slowing down and making use of the time during this month. One would think that we should make dua to race towards Ramadhan in hurried anticipation. But the reality of the months leading upto the blessed month of Ramadan is that they act as a cleanse and a deep spiritual preparation for long nights of Salah and recitation of AL-Furqaan.

If one is asked regarding Ramadhan preps , we prep in different ways. We ensure our homes get a good clean and sort out , we clean our freezers and then fill them for ease in our fasting. We then ready ourselves with the correct menus , with enough ingredients and healthy vitamins etc to give us a a calm Ramadhan. Whilst we prepare our homes , we msut focus on our spiritual preperation.

The spiritual preperation of Ramadhan is often misunderstood. In order for us to recite the QUR’AAN and stand in prayer for hours , we must be fit enough to do so. Our spiritual preparation has to be assisted with our physical preparation. We cannot put our body through the grueling fasts and long Rak’aats without first preparing for it. Start off with a walk throughout Rajab and slowly build to more rapid exercise.

As our load becomes heavier find that our tempers get the better of us. We often find ourselves angry and snapping at our family members. Let the month of Rajab be the starting point to control your anger and focusing on your triggers. It could be your kids whining or your spouse asking for something repeatedly, but recognize those triggers and work on better responses so that you are able to control your anger.

Expectations and realities. Sometimes our own expectations let us down. We may set massive goals , with huge intentions and our desire to complete massive amounts of recitation of the QUR’AAN and other ibadah. Aim high but also be aware of your own load. Once you are aware you are able to make adjustments from now to facilitate more time and attachment to both the QUR’AAN and your Salah.

4. Developing a habit by adding your ibaadah to other acts that you are already doing. For example add your daily Surahs to your kids bedtime routine. Or your daily Surah Yaseen to your morning commute.

May Allah grant us complete barakah in our time this Rajab to truly prepare for the the best of months. Ameen


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