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The importance of consistency in Islam

Apr 26, 2022

Naseerah Nanabhai

Consistency means behaving or performing similarly; it also refers to carrying out specific actions repeatedly. Consistency is a crucial habit for success, as you most likely will not achieve great things if you do not consistently make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

As Muslims, consistency should be of utmost importance to us. As the prophet Mohammed (SAW) said:

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are the most consistent of them, even if they are few”

The consistency of our deeds should be prioritised, even if they are few; the fact that you are constantly performing them for the sake of Allah shows your commitment and devotion to your Creator.

We all have diverse strengths and weaknesses, and many people struggle with consistency for various reasons. When the companions of the Prophet (SAW) found themselves inclined to a specific supererogatory act of worship, they followed it and remained consistent with it. In the same way, we should aim to be consistent with what we are good at, and as we become consistent with the changes we’ve made, we’ll find other things becoming easier.

Consistent acts of ibadaah will naturally allow us to be consistent and coherent in other aspects of our lives, such as interacting with people and accomplishing our goals. This can be achieved by purifying our intentions daily and keeping in mind that it is Allah (SWT), The King of all kings, whom we are serving, which should motivate us to continue to seek His pleasure and approval of our deeds.


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