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The many uses and benefits of glycerine

Jun 14, 2011
Glycerin of Glycerol is a clear, organic compound made by combining water with fat from vegetable oil. It is soluble in alcohol and water, but not in oil. It tastes sweet and low on toxicity. Glycerin is a useful solution to have in your home.
Glycerine is a common ingredient in most cosmetic products. It is used to soften and moisturize the skin.

Other than that, it is also known to increase blood circulation when used in the right amount because glycerine is not intended to be used in large quantities. A small amount will do; it is said that it has the best effect when its component in a cosmetic product do not exceed 10 percent.

The moisture content of the skin is improved by 5 percent with glycerine. It is a highly hygroscopic substance, which means that it easily absorbs water.
Dry Skin

•glycerin not only locks moisture in the skin by acting as a barrier stabilizer, but it provides superior hydration to the skin.

Skin Disorders
•Psoriasis is caused when skin cells grow too slow without maturing, causing the build-up of scaly skin. Glycerin acts as a topical remedy to help with the appearance of the skin. Glycerin also soothes the itch and dryness associated with eczema.

•Wrinkles occur because of the loss of moisture and elasticity. Glycerin slows the appearance of wrinkles by restoring these resources.

Glycerine Uses for Skin
Products containing glycerine are gentle on the skin.

They are safe to be used on children’s skin, as glycerine does not cause any irritation to skin. It attracts water to the skin and restores the suppleness of the skin. Wrinkles are caused when the skin loses moisture and elasticity and as a person ages, the resources sent to the skin deplete and the body is not able to replenish them. When glycerine is applied, it forms a protective cover against moisture loss. The skin care products which contain glycerine include moisturizers, creams and lotions, soaps, deodorants and make up products, like, mascara and lipstick. Among many liquid glycerin uses, one is making soap at home.

Pure glycerine can be used for cleaning purposes as well. It instantly kills all the bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the bacteria. It draws out water from bacteria, instantly killing it. If a person is suffering from halitosis, the person should be asked to gargle with glycerine.

•Mix your favorite moisturizer, jojoba oil or water with glycerine and apply topically to the skin. The glycerin will feel sticky for 10 minutes or so but then will absorb into the skin and bring whatever it is mixed with into the skin as well. It is very important to remember that it absorbs water where it can so if you are using it as a moisturizer in dry climates or winter conditions, mix it with one of the above liquids so it doesn't draw the water from your skin and hair. Glycerine is also found in many commercial moisturizing products.

Nasal Decongestant
•Add three to five drops of glycerine to a glass of water. Rub a bit of this mixture inside the nostrils. Within 15 minutes, it should soften the congested areas and open the air passageway.

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