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The Palestine Report: Another year, another war on Gaza

Aug 08, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

In a discussion on this week’s Palestine Report, Hafez Ebrahim Moosa said that the Gaza strip has been under Israeli Occupation for the past fifteen years. Within five, Israel assaults the Gaza strip.

The most recent before the assault in 2021 started on Friday afternoon and ended last night.

According to Hafez Ebrahim, the Israeli bombardment killed at least 44 Palestinians, including fifteen children and over 360 injuries. Despite this brief period, around 1500 Palestinian residences were demolished as well.

He says this is merely a continuation of Occupation. It is a continuation of Israeli disdain and racism towards Palestinians, including the continuation of policies to divide Palestinians to get maximum Palestinian geography and minimum Palestinian demography. On the other side, this is a continuation of formidable Palestinian resistance and seeing the Palestinian resistance standing firm over this short period.

He added that what is relevant is not so much the analysis but what is relevant is the eight martyrs who were buried under the rubble where the Israelis demolished entire homes in the South of Gaza, including the many other Martyrs who were killed in various scenarios.

“A sense of perspective is needed here, who and what is relevant more than the analysis.”

Hafez Ebrahim said the happenings over the past three days as a pre-written script by the Israelis that they tried to impose on Palestinians.

He says it began in the West Bank last Monday when the Israelis arrested the leader of Islamic Jihad, 61-year-old Bassam Al-Saadi. In the wake of his arrest, the Israelis went on to claim that they had an awareness of concrete threats that Islamic Jihad was planning to avenge the arrest of Bassam. Meanwhile, there is no clear proof based on these threats.

“There is another argument altogether that Israel has long abandoned any kind of logical behaviour and therefore we should be digging too deep to try and make sense of Israeli behaviour,” says Hafez Ebrahim.

Listen to the full Palestine Report on Radio Islam’s podcast below.



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