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The Palestine Report with Ml Ebrahim Moosa

Annisa Essack | kzn@radioislam.org.za
27 February 2023 | 11:00 AM CAT
4 min read

Photo Credit: Haaretz

Ml Ebrahim Moosa began the report about the disturbing Israeli settlers launching a violent attack and rampage on Huwara, south of Nablus. The spree of violence started hours after two Israeli settlers died after being wounded in a shooting by a Palestinian gunman near a military checkpoint in Nablus.

Hundreds of settlers, backed by Israeli soldiers, went into the town, burning cars and stoning property and people. Some Palestinians were stabbed with metal rods and knives. Ambulances and other emergency services attended the scene and were also stoned.

Moosa said that the most disturbing aspect of the attack was coordinated with the settlers and soldiers participating in the violent attack. The massive mob killed a Palestinian, injured hundreds of others and burnt down more than a hundred vehicles and several homes.

A Shaykh, who recently returned from volunteering assistance to the Turkish people, victims of the twin earthquakes, was killed, and his violent death was captured on camera.

The mob was said to be incited when an Israeli settler tweeted that “we need to wipe our Huwara”, which Minister Smoetrich liked. Early in the week, large sections of the West Bank administration were transferred to Smoetrich, giving him the broad authority of control in the region.

Many observers have said this is a deliberate move by the Israelis to bring in a violent escalation to provide a full-scale annexation and consolidate its Apartheid rule in the West Bank.

Last week saw eleven Palestinians killed in Nablus after raids by Israelis. In the West Bank, more than sixty-five Palestinians have been killed. This brought on strong criticism from the resistance in Gaza.

Earlier in the week, the US supporting a United Council vote that condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank but instead reached out to the UAE and the Palestinian Authority, reaching a deal to shelve the resolution in favour of a non-binding statement which avoided any mention of the occupation and the Palestinian rights.

Further reports revealed that Mahmoud Abbas had secretly met with Benjamin Netanyahu and reached out to him through the Biden office; he informed him that the PA was willing to cooperate with the new Prime Minister.

This weekend saw a summit where Israeli and Palestinian officials met with Jordanian and Egyptian officials and accepted that they were willing to prevent escalating violence in the West Bank. The proposed plan is for the PA to deal with the resistance on behalf of Israel by training twelve thousand security forces in Jordan and Egypt.

A gut-wrenching cry cut through the emergency room at the al-Najah Hospital in Nablus after a nurse treating a patient realised that the man was his father, who had died. That morning, the incident followed a deadly Israeli military raid on the old city.

“This is my father,” nurse Elias al-Ashqar yelled as he recognised the familiar features of the blood-streaked face of the man that he and his medical team had just failed to revive. Abdel-Hadi, 61, was among 11 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during Wednesday’s four-hour raid on the occupied West Bank city. His medical team felt Elias’ shock.

His father had been in the eastern market of Nablus when the Israeli military vehicles stormed the city. He sustained a shrapnel wound to the heart.

Listen to the full interview with Ml Ebrahim Moosa on Sabahul Muslim with host Ml Sulaimaan Ravat.


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