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The Palestine Report with Ml Ebrahim Moosa

Mar 23, 2023

Annisa Essack |
20:03:2023 | 10:00 CAT
2 min read


Israeli Reaction to the Saudi-Iran Re-approachment

Ml. Ebrahim Moosa explained that the Israelis were confident and smug with their public position relating to Iran, having created a bloc that was anti-Iran. The protests in Iran and the normalisation deals seemed to favour Israel until the new nuclear agreement was reached.

China was essential in brokering the deal, which also saw them reopen their embassy after many years of diplomatic freeze.

He further explained the importance of the deal, which the Israelis capitalised on. The deal caught Netanyahu by surprise, and the announcement has placed the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israelis on a different trajectory than was expected.

Israeli politicians are now blaming each other and feel an evident weakness from the US side, which has seen the Saudis and Iranians go their own way. Former Prime Minister Neftali Bennet says that the world is watching and seeing a country in conflict with its dysfunctional government. Former Head of Mossad, Ephraim Halebi, stated in an interview with CNN that it was time for Israel to seek a different policy to the Iran issue.

More high-level meetings ahead of feared tensions in Ramadan

The first meeting in February took place in Jordan that saw Israeli, Palestinian, American, and Jordanians come together. A second meeting “to calm tensions” was held in Sharm El Shaykh in Egypt, where the same players came together. But although money and resources are being spent, these meetings are seen as a betrayal by most Palestinians as it allows some groups to quash others.

Hamas’s Marwan Issa has predicted the coming days, with Ramadan and the Jewish Passover coinciding, the fear of the invasion of Masjid Al Aqsa is imminent and the repercussions.

Other contentions include the ongoing situation in the West Bank and Palestinian prisoners who have announced that they will undertake a mass hunger strike against the decisions taken by International Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, which could lead to implications outside the prisons.

Banning orders for Masjid Al Aqsa have been put in place, and home demolitions have also increased, leading to possible escalations in tensions.

Listen to the full interview here.


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