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The political field is getting bigger and bigger

Neelam Rahim |

2-minute read
24 June 2023 | 20:56 CAT

Image: South African

He first stole the limelight as the youngest mayor in the country when at 23, he became the mayor of Midvaal – one of the best-performing municipalities in Gauteng. Then Bongani Baloyi resigned from the DA and joined ActionSA – until the DA-led coalition collapsed. This led to the formation of his party, called Xiluva.

In conversation with Radio Islam International, Baloyi highlighted his decision to join and his journey with Herman Mashaba’s ActionSA. He said he was hopeful about the political aspiration of ActionSA.

However, Baloyi said that ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba told him that their relationship had broken down and that he no longer trusted Baloyi; therefore, he wants to remove Baloyi from his appointed position, offering to appoint him as a spokesperson instead.”

“I felt the importance of exercising my agency elsewhere in a vehicle committed to building something new I’ve always wanted to introduce into politcs,” Baloyi said.

The party’s formation is in collaboration with a former ActionSA councillor in Ekurhuleni, Tlhogi Moseki, who is Xiluva’s national chairperson.

Baloyi said his party would create opportunities for young people to lead the country, citing that it was time for post-ANC-dominance.

“Xiluva was born out of the sense of political hopelessness, homelessness and desperation. Xiluva is founded on the values of family, ubuntu, community and, most importantly, multiracialism. This is a fundamental departure from the status quo of the body politics of our country,” Baloyi said.

Listen to the full interview on Sabaul Muslim with hosts Moulana Ibrahim Daya and Moulana Ahmed Waja.


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