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The Sahaba Chronicles: Abdullah ibn Umar (ra)

Feb 14, 2022

Shakirah Hunter

The son of a giant Al- Khattab, Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) accepted Islam as a young boy and migrated to Madinatul Munawwarah with his father even before he came of age. He loved to emulate the Holy Prophet (s) in everything and would follow him everywhere almost as if he was a shadow to the Holy Prophet (s). He was regarded as a man of extreme tawa and piety, and he abstained from asking anything of people whilst he gave immensely in Sadaqah. He was famously known for his deep understanding of fiqh.  At the time of Uhud he could not take part in the battle due to his young age. He participated in the battle of Khandaq and was present in the historical Pledge of allegiance in Baiat-ur-Ridwan.

He was fortunate to learn from many of the senior Sahaba and amongst his teachers were Abu Bakr As Siddeeq (ra), Umar ibnul Khattab (ra), Uthman Ibn Affan (ra), Ali (ra) , Bilal ibn Rabaah (ra) as well as from Aisha (ra) and Hafsa (ra). From amongst the Tabieen he was fortunate to study under Hasan Al Basri (ra), Saeed ibn Jubayr (ra), Saeed ibn Musayyab and Abdullah ibn Dinar (ra).

Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) greatly advised people and from amongst his famous advices was a constant preparation for the hereafter. He would say:

(إذا أصبحت فلا تنتظر المساء وإذا أمسيت فلا تنتظر الصباح، وخذ من صحتك لمرضك ومن حياتك لموتك)
“when you wake up in the morning then do not wait for the evening , and when you come to the evening then do not await the morning. Take from your days of health for the days of sickness (that might prevent you from good) and take from your life in preparation for your death.”

His deep piety and devotion to Allah can be seen in his words and his actions. He would often remark of the love he had for crying out of the fear of Allah especially when he would listen to surah Mutafifeen.

(لأن أدمع من خشية الله أحبّ إليّ من أن أتصدق بألف دينار)
“It is more beloved to me to cry out of the fear of Allah Ta’ala than giving a thousand dinars in charity”.

Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) was famously known for encouraging people to fulfill the rights of others. He used to say:

(إِنّ العلم كثير ولكن إن استطعت أن تلقى الله خَفيف الظّهر من دماء الناس خميص البطن من أموالهم كافّ اللسان عن أعراضهم لازماً لأَمر جماعتهم فافعل)
“Most Certainly knowledge is widespread, but if you are able to meet Allah Ta’ala with a light load upon your back without the tears of people, empty bellied from abstaining from their wealth, restraining your tongue from breaking their honor , then do so”.

He loved to greet people and would often go out of his home with no other purpose than to greet people for the pleasure of Allah.

(إنّي لأخرج وما لي حاجة إِلّا أن أسلّم على الناس ويسلّمون عليّ).
He would say: “Most Certainly I go out and I have no need to go out except to to greet people and receive the greetings of people”.

Famously known for his deep knowledge of fiqh, he never allowed his knowledge to overtake his taqwa and his intense fear of Allah.

(لا أدري)، ثمّ قال: (أتريدون أن تجعلوا ظهورنا لكم جسوراً في جهنم أن تقولوا: أفتانا ابن عمر
He was constantly asked about a ruling, and he would say in humility: “I do not know”.


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