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Tips to achieve a healthy gut

By Naseerah Nanabhai
Commonly believed to be the foundation of health, the gut has numerous effects on overall wellbeing. The gut refers to the digestive tract, particularly the intestine or stomach. Having a healthy gut can be achieved by maintaining a nutritious diet; here are some tips on how to achieve good gut health:

Sufficient Fibre
Fibre is fuel for the healthy bacteria in your gut, and its benefits include blood sugar regulation and lower cholesterol levels. The simplest way to incorporate more fibre into your diet is by consuming unrefined whole grains like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal.

The right amount of water is essential for digestion and the lining of the intestines; it also leads to healthier skin and can help brain function.

Consume more fermented foods
In fermentation, foods are partially broken down by bacteria which changes the characteristics of the foods — like milk turning to yoghurt or cucumbers to pickles — and also makes them safe to eat for much longer.

Some fermented foods are broken down by bacteria that are also considered probiotics — the “good” bacteria that live in a healthy gut. Therefore, fermented foods can be very beneficial to you by improving the health and diversity of your microbiome and reducing inflammation.

Regulate Stress
High levels of stress can negatively impact your gut health. To help with this, try to develop habits to manage or reduce stress,

Be Active
Regular exercise can help diversify the number of beneficial microbes in your gut. Sufficient exercise can also increase blood flow to the muscles responsible for peristalsis — the gut contractions that move food steadily through the digestive system.


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