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Türkiye does not need permission’ for Syria operations against terrorists

Neelam Rahim | neelam@radioislam.co.za

4 min read
10 December 2022 | 8:40 pm CAT

The political situation in Syria remains a source of threat and uncertainty not only for Türkiye, ‘but for Iraq, Jordan, and other countries as well as Europe etc. Türkiye coordinates with its allies but does not seek anyone’s permission for its security operations in Syria, according to the Turkish presidential spokesperson.

In a discussion with Radio Islam International, MENA & Turkish foreign policy expert Yusuf Erim updates the latest round of attacks and operations that Turkey has carried out in Syria.

He highlighted the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul, which claimed many lives and injured others.

The group that carried out the attack is positioned in Northern Syria called the PKK, known as the YPG in Syria.

According to Erim, after the terrorist attack, it became a priority to address the Syrian border and what was happening there.

He said Türkiye has been launching air operations in the last two weeks via drone and fighter Jets, the bombing of PKK and YPG hideouts in the Northern Syria Region. Turkey has managed to neutralise and eliminate many high-value targets.

However, Erim says, “the conversation recently has shifted, and now questions will Türkiye launch a ground operation.”

Turkish President Erdogan has said that when Turkey is ready, it will again enter North Syria to push the YPG of its borders.

Erdogan has created a 30km buffer zone in some parts of the border but is in the process of it all along the border, having an area free of the YPG, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

There are over 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Türkiye. Erim said Türkiye wants a safe place to repatriate them in the coming years.

Meanwhile, there have been arrests of the perpetrators and people behind the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

The Interior Ministry, police and Turkish Intelligence feel they have enough evidence to claim that the YPG is behind the attack.

Listen to the interview with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie and Yusuf Erim on Radio Islam’s podcast.



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