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Saudi Arabia’s crackdown launch apprehends 15 Hajj fraudsters

By Neelam Rahim

Saudi authorities have launched an extensive crackdown on fraudulent Hajj-related companies and arrested 15 folks in two separate operations, state information company SPA reported.

Makkah police arrested seven residents of various nationalities for promoting fake services on social media involving Hajj performed on behalf of others.

The illegal online adverts also included providing transportation to the holy sites and hotels, still securing and distributing sacrifices for pilgrims, in step with the SPA statement.

In a separate operation, Riyadh police detained seven residents for offering fake transportation services for pilgrims to Makkah. Another resident was jailed for running an unlicensed website in Riyadh to push fraudulent Hajj campaigns.

The fraudsters were detained and named to public prosecution.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah warned against suspicious sites and social media accounts offering unauthorized Hajj-related services, stressing that the ministry’s online platforms are the only official channels to book Hajj campaigns inside the dominion.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia decided to slap $ 2,666 on those who would try to perform the Hajj without a legitimate permit.

Saudi Arabia’s standard safety states pilgrims should receive a Hajj from the related entities previously trying to hold out the Muslim rituals.

Within the assertion posted on Twitter, Brigadier Sami bin Mohammed Al-Shuwairkh urged pilgrims to strictly observe Hajj directions, stressing that safety forces would “fulfill their duties” in securing routes leading to the Grand Mosque in Makkah. And also the remainder of the holy premises to forestall any violations.


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