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Unleash your inner child

Apr 11, 2021

By Mumtaz Saley Moosa


As we grow older, we begin to subscribe to the notion “I am too old for this.” We also call anyone who unleashes their inner child, childish. As adults, we are bound by certain rules that dictate what we can and cannot do as grown-ups. A simple thing like eating a kids cereal is frowned upon.

And it all begins just after you wake up one morning and are suddenly being called Aunty and realise that you have been conditioned into believing that “I am too old for this.” It is amazing how we kill the spirit of the child and are hell-bent on a perceived notion of perfectionism during adulthood.

A few weeks ago, we had a family discussion about life experiences, and it made me think about all the things that I had wanted to do, silly, simple things that I never got to do as a child still but filled my list today. But they were important and special to me.

I may be too old for certain things, but I would like to create memories with my spouse and children so that we can laugh about them together and for them to cherish and share with their families one day.

My husband and I, after a whole year, got to spend a weekend together and my son overheard me say I would like to try out go-karting, something my children enjoyed doing with their father as I usually sit on the sidelines watching.

I had my inner child experience on a quiet Saturday afternoon where there was another family who also had the same idea. Thankfully, we did not take the children along, trust me they will judge you when you cannot get out of the go-kart! My initial fear was that I would have people judge me for any ineptitude I displayed, so I was a little afraid and nearly chickened out before I had even tried.  But my husband would not listen, and before I knew it, I got to have a childhood experience, thus experiencing one of the best times in my life.

I share my experience with you as it brought me to the realisation that being married does not mean you cannot do fun things together or that you cannot unleash the inner child that is always prevalent in us. It also adds spice to your marriage, when you get to enjoy each other’s company and making wonderful memories.

Rope your hubby in as you plan to enjoy those items on your list, he may even have a list of his own. This way, you will have a safety net with each other, protecting each other during those awkward moments whilst you have loads of fun.

While you have good health, make memories about it, so you can tell your grandchildren that the secret to a good marriage is to never stop learning and dating each other.


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