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Violence persists in Gaza despite UN ceasefire resolution, Death Toll Rises to 32,333

[UN Security Council passes resolution demanding immediate Gaza ceasefire. Photo: Al Jazeera]

Azra Hoosen |
26 March 2024 | 15:45 CAT
2 min read

Violence persists in the Gaza Strip despite the UN Security Council’s recent adoption of a ceasefire resolution. Israel and Hamas continue to engage in conflict, disregarding the resolution. Since October last year, over 32,000 Palestinians have lost their lives due to Israel’s ongoing attacks.

In an interview with Radio Islam, Africa4Palestine’s, Alie Komape expressed that the resistance movement in Gaza and Palestine has embraced the resolution advocating for a ceasefire. Komape emphasised that those responsible for acts of violence, including bombings and assassinations, are the Israelis and not the Palestinians.

“We know that Israel’s foreign minister said Israel will not accept the UN Security Council’s decision. At the same time, Netanyahu’s statement indicated that Israel will not stop bombing Gaza and exterminating Palestinians from that area at any point,” he said.

Komape emphasised that the resolution offers renewed hope, indicating that international bodies are holding Israel accountable for its actions.

“This also exposes that other countries are more equal than others; if the discussion was about Ukraine, things would be different, but because it is Palestine, Israel continues bombing without repercussions,” he said.

Komape suggests that the Biden administration’s current stance is not solely based on its own accord. Instead, he attributes it to the upcoming November United States elections, noting that polls indicate a decline in President Biden’s popularity due to his support for the Netanyahu regime, particularly among democratic circles like the African American community.

“So, to be seen as taking a position on Palestine is to increase his popularity and get back those lost votes; it is not to his liking, he is a proud Zionist, but this situation has forced his hand. However, we hope there is a breakdown of relations between the Biden administration and the Netanyahu regime,” he said.

According to Komape, furthermore, there will likely be other motions tabled against Israel, there will be sanctions set up by the UN, and further actions will be deliberated by the UN Security Council if Israel does not adhere to the ceasefire resolutions.

Komape believes that politically, Netanyahu’s time is over. “This is the last kick of a dying house, but, unfortunately, he is backed by right-wing evil Zionist men in his regime and genocidal campaign, but after this resolution, his time is finished,” he said.

Komape praised South Africa for its commendable efforts, highlighting their effective demonstration of practical solidarity with Palestine. Specifically, he lauded Minister Naledi Pandor for her exceptional support of Palestine and for exposing the hypocrisy within the international system. Komape stressed the importance of acknowledging and crediting such efforts.

LISTEN to the full interview with Muallimah Annisa Essack and Alie Komape, from Human rights organisation, Africa4Palestine, here.



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