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Violent crime on the rise in Eldorado Park

Jul 27, 2022

By Raahil Sain

Gun violence and violent crime have increased in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg, and elderly residents say they constantly fear for their lives.

Community members held a march on the weekend and handed over a memorandum to the police.
Speaking on Radio Islam International, Dereleen James said violence in Extension 2 and 4 had surged in the last couple of weeks and communities were traumatised.
James said the violence hurt the education system and criminals were brazen carrying out crimes during broad daylight.
“It is sad to see old people living in fear when they are indoors. It’s had an impact even on our education system; you find that these crimes happen in the afternoons. Criminals have become so confident. When the schools dismiss, the kids must run for their lives ducking bullets,” said James.
James said community members were calling for a campaign to address gun-related crimes in the area.
“Communities say the violence is drug and turf related. If you look at where these crimes are happening, it is often found close to places selling drugs, so there is a definite link .”
James said there was a need for the community to take the lead when it came to keeping children safe.
“By now, we’ve lost hope with the government. We have written so many letters and been to so many meetings”.
“One can only hope and pray at some point there will be a breakthrough with many years of pleading, but the community still seems to be going backwards,” she said.
James added it was not just the responsibility of SAPS, and the social-economic ills in the area needed to be addressed.
“We don’t want to cause chaos. For us, [the march ] was to communicate with the community, asking them to remain peaceful despite the frustration and their feeling neglected.
“The mood was quite tense, but I think when we handed over the memorandum, a spark of hope was instilled. We are feeling hopeful that our demands will be met.”
The community demands include visible policing, crime intelligence operations and regular stop and searches in Eldorado Park.

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