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What Are Smart TV’s?


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 25-04-2019

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


Television sets or TV’s as they are commonly know have evolved dramatically over the years as technology advanced at a rapid rate. 

With a massive array of TV’s currently on the market including high-definition (HD), 4K Ultra, and now 8K, choosing a set that suits your needs can get confusing and cost as much as a car.

While TV’s have evolved, they have also become smarter. So, what is a smart TV?  A smart TV is a traditional television set with built in Internet and Web 2.0 features allowing users to stream music, videos, browse the net and view photos. It’s a technological convergence of computers, TV sets and set-top boxes. 

However, a smart TV wouldn’t be very smart if its capabilities couldn’t be updated over time, which is why a smart TV platform with its own, or access to, an app store, and plenty of first and third-party apps to choose from, is something to consider. 

Android TV currently leads the pack with the most variety of apps. Therefore it makes sense then that industry-leader, high-end television brand Skyworth partnered with Google to be the first brand in South Africa to bring Android TV to the market. 

With other smart TVs using their own operating systems, users are quite restricted when it comes to updates, and the number of apps available to them is limited. “Skyworth’s Android TVs give users access to a world of content as opposed to a manufacturer’s choice of content. 

With the Google Play Store currently offering approximately 30 000 apps and increasing daily, Skyworth’s Jaco Joubert says the Android TV’s operating system is upgradeable. 

 “This means you can keep up with the best in apps, games and entertainment as and when they’re available in the country, without having to fork out on a new device. “Think of it as a TV with the same capabilities as your smartphone, just bigger, better and clearer.” 

Joubert says the TV’s also have the added benefit of voice search functionality. 

“Instead of typing in what you’re looking for, you can talk to your Android TV using the remote for a faster, easier way to search. Pairing this with Google Assistant allows you to control all your smart home devices, too. Let your TV be your home’s ‘Smart Hub, ‘where at the click of a button, or the sound of your voice, any other paired blue tooth device around your home, will respond.”

Skyworth Android TVs come with a separate gaming control in the box and if you lose your remote, you can download the Android remote application on your phone, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. 


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